Edition Office

Edition Office
Kim Bridgland and Aaron Roberts
Directors – Edition Office

Launched in 2016 by Kim Bridgland and Aaron Roberts, Edition Office is the result of a design shorthand which enabled clarity in design concepts and outcomes. The practice was named with the intent that each building, object, design, or event would be seen as an ‘edition’ within a broader body of work. Key to their practice is collaboration – which includes works for the National Gallery of Victoria and Canberra War Memorial.

Together, Bankston and Edition Office saw an opportunity to do something unique in the market, inviting innovation to the current state of the architectural hardware industry – a test of ground-breaking, risk-taking craft.

Casts by Edition Office inserts the concept of series or editions into product design, expressing a shared language and typology with an emphasis on texture and process.

In an open and constructive dialogue with Bankston, development of the collection allowed Edition Office to explore various fabrication techniques and materiality.

The collection of levers, pulls, a snib, and a hook continues an exploration of expression and form while articulating the relationship between person and place.

With a unique identity and robust physicality, the Casts statement collection does not compete with architecture or interior design; instead, serves to enhance. Casts engages design at the utilitarian – honouring craft, material, tactility, and ratio.


In designing Casts, Edition Office considered the aspects of buildings that are most touched or held. Door hardware is linked to some of the key moments of interaction with a space. These moments indicate the passage of time, and thought was given to the fact that the materials chosen for the hardware can age with intention alongside the space they are situated in. The Casts forms are intended to feel pleasing in the hand, delicate yet solid.


The sandcasting technique used in the manufacture of Casts is a venerated artisanal process. Through their journey, the collaboration pieces are left with pitting and pour marks to embody a physicality akin to handcrafted sculptures. The unique surface texture serves as a physical timestamp of the fabrication itself.


Raw Bronze and Aluminium were meaningfully selected as materials for the Casts collection as they are highly durable, but also undergo a marked evolution in their character over time. These materials will also integrate harmoniously into a landscape, enriching it and enhancing territorial continuity. Bronze and Aluminium are comprised of 100% recycled alloy, limiting impacts to the environment by reducing unsustainable energy expenditure during extraction. Aluminium is also a leading choice in the use of more sustainable metals. Light but sturdy and resistant to corrosion, it has the unique ability to be recycled indefinitely.


Edition Office looked to art, architecture, and furniture design for inspiration. Seeking reduction, the pieces within the collaboration impart a collective character and identity. Judicious editing of geometries ensure a considered ratio and size of intersecting forms. From a functional point of view, the pieces are simple and effortless, and when utilised, they enhance the tactile and formal nature of the hardware.

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