Mary Street Project

The Mary Street House is a reimagining of a well-worn Federation era home.

Softly finished recycled-brick walls shape the new social spaces of the house, creating a sequence of indoor and outdoor rooms within the remaining boundaries of the site.

The house features pieces from the Casts Collection, Bankston’s collaboration with Edition Office.

Designed for intimate moments, The Casts Hook entices the user through its simple yet bold⁠ design language.

The hook is a unique accent in this distinct curved bathroom with tranquil blue interiors accentuated by the skylight. In a simple formal gesture, the cylinder reveals an inverted vault to form a hanging point, a vision of design as art and function.

Pictured: Hook – Patinated Broze 21705

Expression & Form

The Casts door levers are simple and effortless, returning the user to a conscious design moment. The tactile and organic nature of the door hardware blends harmoniously in the Mary’s Street’s timber doors enhancing the architectural expression of the space.

The aluminium elements are highly versatile and complements the natural interior environments of this heritage home.

Pictured: Lever 01 – Patinated Bronze 21673