At the heart of Bankston is the aspiration to be a thoughtful and consistent lab of design incubation.

With this goal in mind, Bankston collaborates with leading minds in architecture and design to create original expressions of architectural hardware that redefine the category.

Established in Australia and bolstered by four decades of industry expertise, Bankston’s ethos is a reflection of the shared ambition of co-founders Steve and Emily Bradley.

Their purpose-led vision shapes a business committed to the belief that hardware can transcend its utility and become a testament to artistry. This is companied by a dedication to sustainability, and with every mindfully paced release, Bankston aims for a lighter ecological footprint.

Each Bankston collaboration is a true partnership, developed with internationally renowned architects and designers. The process is an interplay of inspiration, unconventional materiality, and innovative production, that delivers an award winning portfolio.

The axis symbol represents the intersecting elements that are invoked when interacting with Bankston products; the head, heart and hand. This emblem is not just decorative—it’s designed to represent our balanced approach to design, collaboration, and the artistry that defines Bankston.


Our strategy and vision, Bankston leading the way in design and thought leadership.


The heart driving our collaborations, each collaborator infusing each product with authenticity and passion.


The craftsmanship evident in each range, every touchpoint with Bankston is memorable. Also reflective of the hands that interact with our designs on a daily basis.

Bankston extends an invitation to those who seek to reimagine the potential of architectural hardware. Discover our current collaborations, where creativity meets craftsmanship in every piece and explore how Bankston partners with leading designers to push the boundaries of function and form.


With a skilled core team overseeing production and distribution from the Australian hub, Bankston is available through exclusive retailers in Australia and New Zealand, and directly online to approved international trade partners, ensuring global accessibility.

Bankston’s Los Angeles-based Business Development Manager is also committed to supporting clients across the entire United States, ensuring personalised and effective service tailored to their unique needs.