The 2025 targets

  • 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging.
  • 70% of plastic packaging being recycled or composted.
  • 50% of average recycled content included in packaging (revised from 30% in 2020)
  • The phase out of problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics packaging

Help us do even better by disposing of your Bankston packaging responsibly. Please consult your local council or authority to check domestic waste and recycling initiatives in your area.

How to Responsibly Dispose of Bankston Packaging

The packaging of our products typically consists of an outer cardboard box with internal protective components to ensure your product is received in the best possible condition. These may be made from cardboard and include compostable packing peanuts. There may also be installation manuals, drilling templates or other paper booklets, as well as plastic bags to protect and contain smaller items such as screws.

Outer and Inner
Cardboard Boxes

Please remove any labels, compact the box down and place in your recycling bin.

Internal Cardboard Dividers

Please remove any labels, compact the box down and place in your recycling bin. Certain items within the Bankston range contain corrugated card throughout the packaging too. Please dispose of this the same way as the internal cardboard dividers.

Compostable Foam
Packing Peanuts

Made from naturally derived starches like wheat and cornstarch, these packing peanuts are entirely plant-based. The most sustainable way to dispose of compostable foam packing peanuts is to place them into your council collection compost bin.

Installation Manuals/
Drilling Templates

When these are no longer needed, please dispose in your recycling bin.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags should be returned to a retailer or other drop-off site that offers a softs plastics recycling bin. Please check with your local council or authority to find out where soft plastics can be recycled in your area.

Nylon Bags

Our products are packed with protective component to ensure they arrive to you in their original, perfect condition. Nylon bags ensure our hardware isn’t scratched or damaged using transit. We recommend reusing these bags or donating them to your local charity. Alternatively, these can be disposed of in your general waste bin.