Materials & Finishes



    Alongside Bankston’s popular Polished Chrome and Smooth Nickel finishes, the Hemispheres collection introduces American Walnut, Portoro Gold, and a warm Bone toned finish, reminiscent of a luxurious semi-gloss enamel. These materials have been intentionally selected, as they enhance the ergonomic characteristics of the dome shape.

    Edition Office

    The sandcasting technique used in the manufacture of Casts is a venerated artisanal process. Through their journey, the collaboration pieces are left with pitting and pour marks to embody a physicality akin to handcrafted sculptures. The unique surface texture serves as a physical timestamp of the fabrication itself.


    The enduring quality of Bankston products is integral throughout the design and manufacturing process. Various methods are used to create Bankston’s distinct finishes. From delicate hand-aged colours, to leading-edge plating techniques giving finishes unrivalled endurance and clarity. Bankston is continually striving to discover unique finishes that reflect a passion for architecture and design.