Patinated Bronze

For the Patinated Bronze finish, an oil rubbing of the existing Bronze gives an aged appearance, darkening the vibrant Bronze colour into a rich organic hue.

Care Instructions

  • This chemically-aged finish will wear over time to expose the bronze underneath. This finish will feature lighter areas at points of contact where the bronze has been rubbed back to a golden tone.

    Water and chemical-based cleaners, soaps or abrasive materials will damage the finish and should not be used. We recommend cleaning with a soft lint-free cloth, followed by a beeswax protectant. As the finish is unlacquered, regular application of the wax will be necessary to maintain the original chemically patinated finish.

  • The raw materials selected for Casts will undergo an evolution in their surface texture. While these products will arrive with a vivid finish, exposure to time, touch, and environment will ensure they develop their own distinctive character.

    All Casts pieces are supplied with a thin wax coating which protects the original patina. The natural breakdown of this protective wax will accelerate changes in tonality and patination. Finish variation is to be expected and embraced.