Ksenia Kagner and Nicko Elliott
Directors - Civilian

Introducing Hemispheres, Bankston’s latest collaboration with Brooklyn-based design studio Civilian, led by Ksenia Kagner and Nicko Elliott. This 10-piece collection marks a departure from conventional architectural hardware featuring bold geometries, striking finishes, and innovative functions, reflecting a shared ambition to elevate the ordinary.

The collection title, Hemispheres, not only references a central dome motif within the range, but also symbolises the collaboration’s global nature—Civilian in the Northern Hemisphere and Bankston in the Southern Hemisphere. This title encapsulates the essence of the partnership, emphasising a shared design ethos transcending geographic bounds.

With nods to Art Deco, machine aesthetics, organicism, and industrial prefabrication, Hemispheres emerges as a timeless collection adaptable to any interior style.

The range includes uniquely designed knobs, levers, pulls, and door stops, with interchangeable components that allow for a myriad of configurations. These modular pieces revolve around domeshaped adornments offering a dynamic visual and tactile experience. A Sliding Door Pull and Privacy Turn add versatility, catering to a breadth of architectural hardware needs.

Civilian’s signature blend of refined playfulness is evident in the collection, mirroring their approach to both hardware and interior design. The studio’s ability to seamlessly integrate materials, colours, and textures is showcased, drawing parallels with their notable projects like New Lab’s Detroit location and Sandbox Films.